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Happy Birthday Grandma!!

I think this picture speaks for itself 🙂 but I’ll give you a little background. This fine woman was celebrating her 75th birthday! As much of her family that could gathered for the weekend. Part of the festivities included a family portrait, since its not everyday that they all get together. Part of the family portrait included Grandma with the kiddos, which are actually her great-grandkids. (with the exception of Maddie). If this picture is any clue to what the rest of the weekend was like, I’m sure it was a fabulous birthday!!!


Things to Display

I finished my collages, and may I say, they are beautiful! An enormous THANK YOU to the awesome moms who were willing to be a part of this project!!! The bigger of the two (and, boy is it big! Like 30×48!) is hanging at Well Rounded Momma. The smaller will soon be hanging at The Midwife House. Besides advertising for myself 🙂 it is my hope that these images will encourage parents to see their birth experiences as amazing and beautiful, even if it does take some hard work to get through some spots!
And this is a Canvas Gallery Wrap. I loooove these. The image is printed directly to the canvas. The canvas is then stretched around a wooden frame, just like a canvas for painting on. You can see how the image wraps around the wood frame. There is no need for a decorative frame – this canvas is ready to hang on the wall just like it is! This canvas is a 20×30.