Archive | March, 2010

Meet Trevor

Trevor was slightly sleepy when I got to his house, but he endured the session well before conking out at the end. Which let us have the best of both worlds! – fun interaction with Mom & Dad + sweet angel sleepiness. BTW do you recognize Mom & Dad from last May? I love it when my brides have babies!!!

Mike’s mom rocked him in this rocking chair when he was a baby. She sanded out most of his teeth marks and stained the chair to match the decor of Trevor’s room. The book they are reading is also from Mike’s childhood.


Spring is Springing

Spring. A time of Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Renewal. What other “Re-” words can I come up with?….

Can’t wait to restock my shelves with jars and jars of apricot syrup….