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Laboring Her Way

After two previous cesareans, Alycia wanted a VBAC. She wrote up a excellent birth plan, which her doctor whole-heartedly accepted. Her birth plan included (among other things) laboring in her own clothes, no IV, listening to her own music, and even bringing her own pillows! Alycia was supported by her husband Allen, friend & doula-in-training Susan, and friend & photographer me.

This is 1:50 A.M., not P.M.
This is about 9:00 A.M.

Alycia labored beautifully and calmly but as the night turned into day, the weight of it all began to take its toll. She had been having irregular contractions for four days, and consequently not slept good for four days. On top of being a wife, mother of two in the middle of the Christmas season, college student who just finished her finals the week before, new home owner moving in & unpacking, and being two weeks overdue, now she is in a place where she has never been before. She’s never labored this far. She never been this exhausted. She’s never had this bad of cramps! 🙂 And then her precious baby girl, whom she is working so hard for, puts up one last fight! Alycia accepts the epidural, which leads to Pitocin, which leads to another c-section. But this one was different from the previous ones. The brand new baby was handed to Allen and Alycia as soon as possible and Alycia got to hold her baby right after she was born – something she missed out on with her other girls. Alycia was able to have those sweet moments with her baby and her husband which she so desired. This was another item included in the birth plan.
So what’s the lesson from all this? Write up a birth plan!!! Cover all possibilities, all scenarios so that you already know what you want to happen. Most of us know that when you are in labor that’s not the best time to be making decisions. Weigh your options, learn about procedures, and do some research! This is your birth, not the nurse’s, not the doctor’s. They are there to serve you, not the other way around! If you’d like a sample birth plan, email me.
I’m ending with my favorite image from this birth. Baby pics will be up soon!

Need a Tutor?

Did you get a new camera for Christmas and don’t know how to use it? Or have you had your SLR for a while now and are still using Auto?? Let me fill your mind with all sorts of technical nonsense like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, the Zone System, etc. This will be a introduction on how to shoot in Manual mode and get proper exposure. We may also cover some basics of composition. Bring your SLR camera and all the lenses you have and your owner’s manual (um, yeah, so I’m not going to know all the answers for every make & model of camera – sorry). This little photography class will be happening on Tuesday, most likely in the morning, but I need to finalize that tonight. So email me (jessbens at gmail dot com) if you are interested in coming and I will tell you when & where.