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The Importance of Being Early

Not being born early, but getting your portraits done early in life, as in the first couple days…. preferably by a week… definitely by two weeks…. My reasoning is this: Brand new newborns sleep A LOT and are more likely to sleep through changing poses. As they get more and more days behind them, they are already developing habits in sleeping and waking and eating. While a one month old should still be sleeping a ton, some do not or do not sleep through as much noise & changing positions. And besides if you wait too long, they are no longer “newborn shots,” they are “one month” or “two month shots.” Yes, this little girl got grumpy with me as did this little guy. She’s 3 weeks and he was 16 days old. Past that two week mark. And these are my Thursday Thoughts.


Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

I was flipping through the radio on the way home from the hospital this morning and I heard this on the country station: Today is the first day of the rest of my life (courtesy of Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews). I thought how fitting it was for this little family. It’s the first day of the baby’s life – obviously – and, oh, how this couple’s life will never be the same!! 🙂

After the epidural, I waited for a bit and then went home (almost against my better judgement) to catch some shut-eye. Seth curled up on the couch. He himself nearly slept through it all. He woke up to Lindsay saying “Honey, it’s time to push!!” So I did not get “the call” until after the baby was born. No one knew she would go that fast!! What a beautiful new mama!

{Baby Girl} was born at 4:32am on Monday, September 14. She weighs 10 pounds even. She’s got chubby rolls already!