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The Tiffany Wedding

Jessie loves all things Scott, her girls and Tiffany.

Location: The Mount Charleston Lodge

Flowers: Flowers by Michelle

The week had been a hot one. Luckily Jessie picked a beautiful location with a higher elevation. It was cool and slightly breezy. The clouds lent a moody light to the evening. A light rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. However, the bride was late. The groom welcomed guests and chatted and waited and waited and waited. We knew she was coming – it’s just a long drive up the mountain! 🙂 Well, then she still needed to get dressed. We kept Scott waiting some more!!

I love these two shots.

I also love this one (would I put it on the blog if I didn’t love it or at least like it a little bit??!?!) I love the big smiles both of them wear.

Ah-ha! Caught you making funny faces Miss J!

I missed what was said here, but it must have been funny!

Oh, the expressions!

Jessie & all the girls!

Jessie’s only brother couldn’t be there due to his job, but of course he called!

Let me know what you think!