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Totally Rad

I had the privilege of attending an ’80’s lip sync last night. It was hilarious and the girls looked so good! And I had fun making their “album covers”! It is rather strange though, how styles repeat themselves…. every 20 years or so things come back into style….

Awesome flame brushes found here.

Those are some fine looking ladies, eh?


Assignment of the Week

Theme: Games.

I love chess. I love how complicated it is. I love planning my checkmates and getting all my pieces in their perfect spots. I even love when I miss something and it’s not really checkmate at all, and I have to rework my plan all over and think harder. I focused on the Queen because, well, she is the most powerful piece on the board. But she is partners with the King. We all know if you don’t have your king, there is no reason to play. The queen can’t just be playing offense, she has to play defense, too. I love how they work together.